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8051 Microcontroller Tutorial: LOOPS AND JUMPS

Repeating a set of instructions a certain number of times is called a Loop.
In 8051, looping operation is done through the DJNZ instruction.
DJNZ meaning Decrement and Jump if Accumulator is Not Zero.

MOV R2,#10
AGAIN:  ADD A,#25        ; 25 moves to A

At the end of execution of the loop R2 will be set to zero. R2 in above example is initially set to 10.
In DJNZ instructions registers can be R0 to R7 or any RAM locations also.

Note for commenting in Assembly language for 8051, we use ';' without quotes and then write the comment.
Maximum count up-to which the above loop can run is 256 times because registers cannot contain values more than 255 (or less than 0). Thus if we want the loops to execute more than 256 times we need to use two or more registers and execute a loop within another loop, also called Nesting of loops. When we do so the number of times of execution of a particular instruction inside the two nested loops is the product of values of the two registers.

Conditional Jumps:
The Jump instructions the are executed depending on whether certain conditions are satisfied or not, are called Conditional Jumps.

  • JZ: jump if A=0
  • JNZ: jump if A is not equal to zero
  • DJNZ: Decrement and jump if register is not zero
  • CJNE A,data : Jump if A is not value stored in data address.
  • CJNE reg,#data : Jump if byte is not equal to #data
  • JC: Jump if CY=1
  • JNC: Jump if CY=0
  • JB : Jump if bit=1
  • JNB: Jump if bit is not equal to 1
  • JBC: Jump if bit=1 and clear bit
MOV A,R0               
JZ OVER                   ; jump if A=0
OVER: ......

In above example first value of R0 register is stored in A. Then Condition Jump statement JZ checks if A=0 which if evaluated to true executes instructions in OVER label and if it evaluates to false then value in R1 is stored in A. 

Important: All conditional jumps are short jumps. This means that the address of the target label must be within -128 to +127 bytes of the contents of the program counter.

Unconditional Jumps:
This type of jump is a jump in which control is transferred to a target unconditionally. There are two types in the 8051 under this category, namely: LJMP (Long Jump) and SJMP (Short Jump).

  • LJMP: Its a 3 byte instruction in which first byte is the opcode, and the second and third byte represent the address of the target location. The two byte target address allows a jump to any memory location from 0000 to FFFFH.
  • SJMP: Its a 2 byte instruction in which first byte is the opcode and the second byte is the relative address of the target location. The relative address range of 00 - FFH is divided into forward and backward jumps; that is within -128 to +127 bytes of memory relative to the address of the current PC (program counter).

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Download A textbook of Power System Engineering by R.K. Rajput PDF

Download Power System Engineering by R.K. Rajput

rk rajput download

Important Details Regarding the Download:

PublisherLaxmi Publication Ltd.
Source of PDFGoogle Books Preview
Publication Year2008
Number of Pages
1083 Pages
**Download contains 859 Pages

A Textbook Of Power Plant Engineering by R. K. Rajput has been written keeping in view the curriculum of the different Engineering courses and the several competitive examinations, which are based on the above course. The 13 chapters in this book are comprehensive, and they explain the concepts in a simple and plain language. There are test questions follow a pattern similar to those of the competitive examinations. Different topics have been explained sufficiently with diagrams. The readers are also provided with variety of questions to help them prepare for the different patterns of questions. The content comprises different power plants, starting from the steam powered ones to those with gas turbines, hydroelectric and nuclear power plants, and also those that use non-conventional fuel sources. Power generation using the combination of different types of power plants, different hardware used in the plants, and the types of contaminants released and their treatment are also discussed in A Textbook Of Power Plant Engineering.
R. K. Rajput was born on September 15, 1944 and holds engineering degrees both in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. He has amassed 35 years of teaching experience and is the author of books like Heat And Mass Transferand Strength Of Materials. He has been on the board of several prestigious Engineering bodies and is also an academician. One of best books on Electrical Power Generation 

NOTE: This is not complete ebook. Some parts of ebook might be unavailable. This is just pdf conversion of book from the Google Books available online.


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